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We are strong advocates for using only the best tool(s) and technique(s) available to accomplish the training goals in the most fair and efficient way possible.  Each and every dog or puppy is unique.  Therefore, we pick the proper combination of tools and techniques from our deep and varied trainer’s “toolbox” that best fits with the personality of each individual dog or puppy.  Our goal is to help them succeed at every task as they progress through the various stages of training. 

We are 100% upfront with the tools and techniques we use to train each and every one of our dogs. There is no bait and switch or sneaky sneaky going on, it’s right there for all to witness.  With us, what you see is what you get. 

Martingale Training Collar

Martingale collars can be a useful tool for training your dog, to teach them to walk loosely on the leash. The safe tightening around the neck when they pull gives them the signal of correction to change their behavior. However, they should still be rewarded for adjusting their behavior as a form of positive reinforcement.

Herms Springer Prong Collar

The prong collar is another misunderstood training tool. We only use the Herm Sprenger model because the quality is unbeatable and the tips on the prongs are rounded instead of sharp. Despite the look of them, they are actually the most humane and gentle collar out there. We teach the dog to turn off the pressure by following the leash instead of puling against it; whereas other collars put tons of pressure against the trachea of the neck pulling the dog in different directions. The prong is perfectly designed to apply pressure around the entire circumference of the neck instead of pressure in only one spot, this makes it safer and more comfortable. Like any of these tools, the best approach is to have a trainer or professional teach you the correct way it should be used. 

ET-300 Mini Educator E-Collar

This top of the line remote collar that cannot be substituted in our program. There is a lot of misinformation regarding remote collars, but when used properly and fairly, they are the most effective training tool out there. The e-collar works by delivering stimulus (not shock) to the muscle of the dogs neck. We train all of our obedience commands through leash pressure first and then layer the e-collar over the leash pressure so the dog understands that when the task is completed, the pressure is released. Most dogs train on a remote level so low that it feels like a very light tingle but it can be adjusted to higher levels to hold the dog accountable once they understand what is expected of them. The e-collar is amazing because we are able to communicate to our dogs in such a clear and concise way and we have the ability to do that from up to 1/2 mile away. 

Dog Cot

One of the best commands you can teach your dog is place. Having people over and don't want your dog jumping on everyone? Place. Doing house chores and need your dog to stay in one spot? Place. Tired of having your dog rush to the door or bark their heads off when the delivery man comes? Place. The place cot is an essential purchase when training your dog as you can bring this tool to work outdoors or indoors with it's high quality and light weight.

Dog Crate/ Kennel

The most effective way to add structure and balance into your dogs life is through crate training. Just as you would not allow a baby or young toddler to sleep in a regular bed but in a cradle, allows safety for your dog. Crate training essential for all aged dogs whether it be young puppies or adults who aren't allowed free roam of the house due to their behaviour. 

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