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Behaviour Rehab. modification

Our motto is ‘Our priority is your dog's reliability’; If your dog has a ten­dency towards bad behav­iour, don’t lose hope. With routine, structure, training and firm but fair reha­b, we can help you cor­rect unwanted behav­iours. Bet­ter yet, we can educate you on how to curb unwanted behaviours before they become solidified in your dog's personality and habits.

At Classic K9 Academy we ONLY enroll 2 dogs during the same board & train period to ensure the needed attention to our behaviour cases.

This program is suited for dog's with moderate-extreme behaviour issues such as, but not limited to;

  • Dog OR Human Aggression

  • Fear OR Possessive Aggression

  • Separation Anxiety

  • Intense Reactivity

  • Lack of self confidence (anxiety)

Note: Dogs can display more than one of the unwanted behaviours at the same time. 


Not only does this service include the work of any and all negative behavioural habits your dog has but in addition we will fine tune your dog's obedience skills and have a new set of coping skills to deal with their triggers and fears.
An obedient & well behaved dog is what we strive for with our Behaviour Rehab Modification service!

ALL Behaviour Rehab Modification services requires a Tempermant Assessment at a cost of $250/hr to best determine their Board & Train length while educating the owners. Temperament Assessment fee will be rebated into the Board & Train program when decided on length.

Board & Train Requirements

*All board and train programs are designed for dogs 6 months and older.

*As the owner, you are required to attend 1-2 transition sessions on the last week of the board & train. Transition sessions are anywhere from 1-2 hours long.

*E-Collar Training ON & OFF leash is included with our 4 & 6 Week Board & Train program.

*Board & Trains are done in the care of Eddie's home that simulates the puppies/dog's everyday life while creating proper routine and structure.*

3 Week Board & Train Behaviour Rehab - $4,500 (TOOLS PROVIDED)

This program is suited for dogs with mild-moderate negative behaviours WITHOUT bite history. A dog can be reactive, aggressive with dogs/people and anxious however as your dog has not hurt or bitten anyone it has not understood it's full strength of aggression. This allows us to dial in on working with their triggers and insecurities knowing your dog will not go the extra mile to bite.

Note: This package comes with ON Leash obedience to manage your dog on walks & create a stronger relationship of trust between dog & owner.


4 Week Board & Train Behaviour Rehab - $6,000   (TOOLS PROVIDED)

Our highly-demanded program is suited for dogs with mild-moderate behavioural issues WITHOUT bite history in addition to the owner wanting to include ON/OFF Leash E-Collar training. Your dog will come home with a new positive demeanor, self confidence & new set of skills to help with their triggers & fears.

Note: This Package includes our popular Introductory to ON & OFF Leash E-Collar Program.


6 Week Board & Train Behaviour Rehab - $9,000   (TOOLS PROVIDED)

This program is specifically for dogs with extreme behavioural issues including separation anxiety or bite history. A dog with bite history acknowledges their bite will get what they want, whether it be space or dominance, etc. We will only take 1 extreme behaviour case at a time as the repetitions and attention to the dog is given solely to the dog and their rehab program. We will dial in everything that is needed to replace the negative behaviour with neutral/positive behaviour. Your dog will come home with the same joyful personality & new set of skills while leaving behind their negative past habits.

Note: This Package includes our popular Introductory to ON & OFF Leash E-Collar Program.

Navi the Shih Tzu Mix
Owner's Testimony

The team at Classic K9 Academy are beyond exceptional, especially Eddie. He took care of my little dog for almost 3 weeks to treat her aggression with people and dogs. When she came back home, she was a different dog. We definitely noticed that she seems a lot more comfortable and gives off a more confident energy. We highly recommend Classic K9 Academy without hesitation!!!!!

Biscoito the Duchshund &
caramelo the Mini Pinscher
Owner's Testimony

We found Classic K9 Academy a couple of months ago while searching for somebody to take care of our dogs during a trip. Our dogs are small, but they were presenting some aggressive behaviour; they could not stand to be close to other dogs, and we were terrified when one of them tried to bite a person at home—that moment, we noticed that we could not have any person to take care of our boys. So we called CK9A, and Eddie was very attentive and gave us all the guidance we needed. We took them to the behaviour modification training and boarding for 3 weeks. When we came back, the difference in their behaviours was visible; they were calm, accepting "no" as an answer, and all the things we could not do ourselves. The best part is that now we can have our bed for ourselves; they now sleep on their bed, which is impressive. 

Dobby the Pittie Mix
Owner's Testimony

Eddie works miracles! Our dog, Dobby, had VERY SEVERE anxiety and separation anxiety likely driven by some trauma in his past before we adopted him. We had him for over a year before taking him to Classic K9 Academy and still had been unable to leave him at home alone, even for a few minutes, without him crying, barking, howling, having accidents... going into a full on panic attack. We tried another trainer in the past as well without success and had been told that the only way to fix a behaviour this severe was 4 weeks of board and train. We couldn't afford to do this so have been using dog babysitters over the past year. After only a couple of months of Dobby working with Eddie once a week, he's now been able to be left alone with them for up to 2 hours and up to 40 minutes (and continuing to climb) at home so far. No barking, crying, or accidents which we thought would be impossible to ever achieve. He's showed overall improvements in his obedience/other behaviours as well. Additionally, Eddie did a great job communicating with us, sending updates, providing coaching for us etc. and it's evident how much he truly cares about helping the dogs he works with vs just thinking about it as a business. WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEIR SERVICES!!!

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