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CK9a Owner;
Lead Trainer & K9 Behaviourist

Eddie is an experienced dog trainer and canine educator who has worked in the industry for over 7+ years. Eddie is the founder of the highly-regarded Classic K9 Academy in Toronto, ON. Eddie specializes in numerous methods of professional dog training, and is known to take on some of the hardest Behaviour Modifcation Rehab cases in Toronto. His experience in learning and understanding dog behaviour allows him to connect with dogs, and break through problems such as aggression and reactivity.

 In addition to training dogs, Eddie believes in Balanced Training methods (reward for positive behaviorus & correct for negative behaviours). In addition his belief to routine & structure has given many benefits to his clients having them understand why and how their dog's act a certain way making communication between their dog and themselves stronger through relationship based exercises.

His variety of clientele includes working with first-time dog owners, standard family households, and affluential busy persons such as: lawyers, doctors, nurses, business owners, and influencers. While working with his clients, Eddie films the progress of the dogs in his care during training in addition to keeping owners updated.

Eddie not only focuses on training dogs, but also educates owners through constant feedback and advice to upkeep the positive progress in the owner's care.

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